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Anonymous asked: I have to memorize this speech for Spanish tomorrow and I don't know how lksdjflsakdjflskjflaskj any tips?

Omg I’m sorry!! Read it like 29587937 times, and memorize in chunks, like start off with a first bit then add some more.. add more.. etc.

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This girl is my actual heart and soul. I’m so proud of her, and I’m so blessed to know and love her. ❤️

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this would be me….

Anonymous asked: So I just read through a bunch of old tweets and messages (which by the way is a shitty idea don't ever try it) and like 6 months ago I was the most obnoxious / annoying person on the planet... I was blind to it then but looking back I feel like I was so annoying!! I don't know if I just feel this way or if I actually annoyed people, but if I did, how do I redeem myself and make them see that I've matured and know better now??

I feel like the best way to redeem yourself would be just proving to them that you’re no longer immature/whatever! No worries though, everyone would look back on previous tweets and such and facepalm!

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Hannah Montana | If We Were A Movie


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I do homework the way guys fall in love with me - slowly, then not at all

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